We understand that one of our primary responsibilities is to help equip future generations with the skills,experience and perspective to manage their responsibilities as well as the challenges and opportunities they will face.

Additionally we appreciate that eachgeneration may require support in communicating

their concerns and aspirations as they wrestle with the responsibilities associated with being custodians of wealth.

We offer a variety of opportunities to our clients as demonstrated below which not only strengthen our relationship with them, but also offers the opportunity to develop new relationships within the family.



Our engagement with the Next Gen is calibrated to the specific challenges they will face at various stages of their lives and in the process of inheritance. Whether we provide training, experience and peer group discussion alone or in conjunction with professional partner firms, feedback from participants and often their parents evidences the tangible benefits that accrue.

“I learned a lot about the business world, the family business world and most unexpectedly about myself. Each lesson was well organised and interesting

“Thanks so much to you and your team for organising such a stimulating and motivating programme. It has certainly provoked much thought and already created much debate. Absolutely brilliant!”


Next Gen Junior

This five day workshop aimed at young adults aged 20 – 23 aims to introduce delegates to the world of finance, business and personal development in an informal and stimulating environment.

Through a series of interactive sessions including both group and individual tasks, we aim to open their eyes to the challenges, opportunities and responsibilities ahead.


Next Gen Senior

This two day off-site workshop is aimed at those aged between 25 – 35 and is a natural progression from the Nex Gen Junior course. Interactive participation is encouraged through facilitated discussions, workshops and case studies.

Topics include the challenges, risks, opportunities and responsibilities of succession, family dynamics and communication and attitudes and approaches towards philanthropy and impact investing.



Where families look to us to provide a particularly close relationship with the next generation, we offer a mentor – usually a relatively young, yet mature colleague. The mentor becomes the trusted key touch point for the young family member and works with them to develop their knowledge and interests


We can tailor specific training to meet the needs of the next generation, either through exposure to our own in-house specialists or by organising and accompanying them on external courses, e.g. The Cambridge Endowment Course.



A number of our younger clients spend time with us over the summer for work experience both to get to know us and to build experience in investment matters.


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Our approach is rooted in a deep and practical understanding of the family, its wealth and wider circumstances. We help families develop and implement their plans to pass on an enduring legacy.