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Welcome to Stonehage Fleming Wealth Planning

We are delighted to present to you our new brand: Stonehage Fleming Wealth Planning.

The new look and feel follows the merger in 2015 of Stonehage with Fleming Family & Partners and aims to build on the combined strength of our businesses in our target markets.

Who are Stonehage Fleming?

Stonehage Fleming was created from the merger of Stonehage and Fleming Family & Partners. It combined the skills and expertise of two leading multi-family offices, creating a group with an unrivalled range of services and geographic reach. The business has been named Multi Family Office Team of the Year at the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) awards in London in September and for the second year running. The STEP awards are recognised as a mark of excellence by the global private wealth advisory community.

Stonehage Fleming is committed to growing the UK business and a passionate believer in the value of long term financial planning and advice. Over the last 12 months, we have been working increasingly closely with our colleagues in Stonehage Fleming and believe that we have an exceptional platform to meet the needs of clients, both wealthy and aspiring, international and domestic.

What does the future bring?

In this low return environment, effective planning for wealth preservation and transfer has never been more important. We can no longer rely on inflation to reduce our debts, nice pensions to secure our retirement and the selection of a few favourite UK household names to provide an additional income stream, safe in the knowledge that we can pass our properties on to our children.

We are all living much longer and technology is causing both opportunities and disruption in our working and personal lives. Globalisation and Digitalisation are words which are increasingly used, but which are bringing changes that are having a profound effect.

The social and political environment has also changed – not necessarily against business and wealth but certainly towards a sense that there needs to be greater ‘fairness’. The introduction of the general anti-avoidance legislation, changes to the taxation of UK non-domiciles or the reduction in pension tax reliefs for higher earners all make it slightly harder to navigate the legislative system and protect our financial futures.

In this changing world, we find clients are looking for specific advice but also for reassurance. At Wealth Planning, our aim is to provide that reassurance, bringing together our own expertise and the combined experience of the wider Stonehage Fleming Group for the benefit of our clients.