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Four Pillars of Capital 2023
Managing Risk in an Age of Upheaval

Stonehage Fleming is delighted to present its fifth thought leadership report since 2013.

Our previous research has taught us that our clients like to have insight into what their peers are thinking and how they have addressed - or are addressing - the challenges and opportunities they have in common.

Each report has generated valuable insights and practical wisdom from families, wealth creators, and their trusted advisers, highlighting the challenges of sustaining wealth across generations.

The Four Pillars of Capital - Definitions

Financial Capital

The tangible assets, business, properties, investments and intellectual property of a family which have quantifiable financial value.

Intellectual Capital

The accumulated skill, knowledge, experience and leadership a family can apply to the management of its wealth, its contribution to society, the individual fulfilment of its members and its collective wellbeing.

Social Capital

The way in which a family, its brand and its business interests relate to and engage with society and the communities in which it lives and operates.

Cultural Capital

That which brings a family together through shared values and perspectives, and the governance framework used for its maintenance and preservation.