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The first report with the theme ‘Wealth Strategies for Intergenerational Success‘ was published in 2013. The subsequent research paper ‘Four Pillars of Capital for the 21st Century’ was published in 2015. Drawing on insights and data gathered from clients and friends of our firm, it proposed that a family’s social, intellectual and cultural capital were as important to its long-term, intergenerational health as its financial capital.

Our third paper, published in 2018, highlighted practical considerations from further research within the Four Pillars framework, including the challenges of leadership and succession, the importance of a considered approach to risk identification and mitigation, the increasing desire of families to demonstrate their values through their financial decisions, and the invaluable nature of a family’s brand and reputation.

‘Four Pillars of Capital: a time for reflection’, published in 2020, was a shorter paper which sought to show if and how the pandemic had affected family attitudes and priorities, and whether the extraordinary events of 2020 would have a longer-term impact on how families go about securing intergenerational success.

Our 2023 report is the fifth in the thought leadership series on intergenerational success.

Reports in the series

The Four Pillars of Capital - Definitions

Financial Capital

The tangible assets, business, properties, investments and intellectual property of a family which have quantifiable financial value.

Intellectual Capital

The accumulated skill, knowledge, experience and leadership a family can apply to the management of its wealth, its contribution to society, the individual fulfilment of its members and its collective wellbeing.

Social Capital

The way in which a family, its brand and its business interests relate to and engage with society and the communities in which it lives and operates.

Cultural Capital

That which brings a family together through shared values and perspectives, and the governance framework used for its maintenance and preservation.