Investment Philosophy

We invest in best-of-breed businesses for their quality, strategic competitive edge and value. We believe that a portfolio of businesses each containing these elements will provide us with a favourable return over time.




  • Invest for organic growth
  • Frequent use of products
  • Resilience through recessions
  • Market share growth
  • Infinite potential
  • Wary of corporate actionsi


  • Standing of CEO, Chairman, CFO, Board
  • Record of consistent success
  • Business strategy
  • Business culture (energy, innovation, openness, honesty & integrity, ESG focus, etc.)
  • Success with execution
  • Shareholder orientation
  • Clear communication
  • Active voting


  • Operating margin, development
  • Return on Invested Capital (and incremental ROIC)
  • Balance sheet strength
  • Reinvestment record and potential
  • Working capital management


  • Sustainable free cash flow generation (not cash-hungry business)
  • Cash conversion ratio (and trend)
  • Success of free cash flow allocation
  • Sustainable dividend growth
  • Success of buy-backs


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit."
Will Durant


  • Quantitative fundamental quality metrics
  • Qualitative analyst research
  • Portfolio manager research
  • Third party research


  • Research co-ordination
  • Macro and market research
  • Technical analysis for tactical cash allocation
  • Implementation


  • Best ideas
  • Attractive valuation
  • Sensible diversification


  • Ongoing analysis
  • Valuation
  • Performance
  • News Flow
  • Results
  • Corporate events


  • Long term intention
  • Better overall alternatives
  • Market or business overvalued
  • Strategic case changes

The specialist equity management division was established in 2009, and the team has over 100 years of combined experience.

The team only invests in best-of-breed companies that can clearly demonstrate quality, strategic competitive edge and value.

The team looks for companies with the following characteristics:
To identify businesses that meet the quality threshold, the team use the above criteria to narrow down the broad investment universe of over 2000 candidates to a core universe of 150 candidates, which are then monitored closely.

  • Good growth potential and the ability to deliver sustainable top-line growth
  • Management of the highest quality
  • Leaders in their field
  • Strong balance sheets
  • High returns on capital employed
  • Strong internal cash flow
  • Ability to grow dividends annually under all economic circumstances
  • An impressive performance record
  • Shareholder friendly
  • A sustainable compounder

In addition to the above criteria, there are a series of key characteristics a company should possess in order to be considered for investment. Characteristics such as an positive margin trend, levels of debt and dividend cover are also central to the team’s analysis.

*All sources as at 30 June 2018


"We believe that - if we have identified a quality business, and we do not pay more than a fair value, then these businesses should provide favourable returns over time. Central to this philosophy is a ‘buy-to-hold and compounding’ mind-set, to be invested in those businesses for the longer term.”
Gerrit Smit, Fund Manager

Gerrit Smit

Gerrit is Head of the Equity Management team, he has overall responsibility for the business unit, along with its Portfolio Management and Equity Research functions.

Gerrit joined the Group in 2008 following over 25 years’ investment experience as Equity Analyst, Chief Investment Strategist and Chief Investment Officer for Sanlam’s International portfolios in London, and heading a boutique fund manager’s investment research. He holds a Hons B.Com from the University of Stellenbosch and the University of South Africa and a PSM qualification from the Business School of the University of Stellenbosch.


Tom Jeffcoate

Tom is a Director of Stonehage Fleming Investment Management and responsible for company research within the Equity Management team. Specialising in in-depth, bottom up research, he covers multiple companies across all sectors under the single global quality equity mandate.

Tom joined the Group in 2009 from ZAN Partners where he was a multi-asset Analyst and Trader. Prior to that he worked as an Equity Analyst at Sigma Capital having started his career with PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Performance Improvement Consulting business. Tom is a CFA charterholder and an associate of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment.


Mark Sloan

Mark is a Director within the Stonehage Fleming Group specialising in in-depth, bottom up company research within the Direct Equity Management team.

Prior to joining Stonehage Fleming, Mark spent over 9 years at Investec Asset Management where he was a Global Equity Analyst and Sector Portfolio Manager. Previously, he worked at M&G Investments in both Pan-European and global equity analyst roles. Mark is a CFA Charterholder and graduated from Warwick University with a first class honours degree in economics.


Nicky Muirhead

Nicky is responsible for company research within the Equity Management team. Specialising in in-depth, bottom up research, she covers multiple companies across all sectors under the single global quality equity mandate.

Nicky joined the Equity Management Team in 2019 from Bessemer Trust having previously worked at River & Mercantile Asset Management, Neptune and BlackRock/MLIM. She is a CFA charterholder and graduated from Oxford University with first class honours in Physics.


Sean Harper

Sean is responsible for company research, supporting the Equity Management team.

Sean joined the group in 2018, having previously worked at Quilter Cheviot and Old Mutual Global Investors. Sean has passed Level III of the CFA program, he holds the Investment Management Certificate (IMC), and he is an affiliate member of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment. He graduated with a first-class degree in BSc (Honours) Finance and Investment Banking.


Thomas Withington

Thomas is a Senior Associate within the Equity Management team, providing client-servicing support to Gerrit Smit, Head of the Equity Management team.

Thomas joined the Group in 2011, having previously worked as a Project Manager at Jabulani Rural Health Foundation. Prior to this, he worked as a Consultant at IQuad Group Limited in Cape Town, consulting on various government-initiated investment incentive programmes. Thomas holds a Bachelor of Business Science (Honours) degree from the University of Cape Town and is a CFA charterholder.


Stonehage Fleming At A Glance


The largest international Family Office in the EMEA region


80% of the business is employee owned


with nearly GBP9.2bn under management for individuals, families, charities and institutional-calibre clients


located in London employing over 85 people


in 11 offices across 8 geographies


in Global Equity, Multi-Asset, Fixed Income and Private Equity


Our flagship investment capability is the Stonehage Fleming Global Best Ideas Equity strategy, which was launched in July 2009. The strategy has in excess of GBP1.5bn in assets under management. It is offered through a Dublin based UCITS fund (the Stonehage Fleming Global Best Ideas Equity Fund, launched in August 2013) or on a segregated basis for portfolios of GBP10m and over.


Fund Name NAV Price NAV Price
Valuation Date
Stonehage Fleming Global Best Ideas Equity Fund 157.3831 163.4735 01 Apr 20
Stonehage Fleming Global Best Ideas Equity Fund 162.5773 168.8664 01 Apr 20
Stonehage Fleming Global Best Ideas Equity Fund 197.0593 205.0977 01 Apr 20
Stonehage Fleming Global Best Ideas Equity Fund 198.5224 206.6177 01 Apr 20
Stonehage Fleming Global Best Ideas Equity Fund 137.3746 142.6878 01 Apr 20
Stonehage Fleming Global Best Ideas Equity Fund 152.6954 158.9209 01 Apr 20
Stonehage Fleming Global Best Ideas Equity Fund 130.2485 135.2842 01 Apr 20
Stonehage Fleming Global Best Ideas Equity Fund 150.5127 156.647 01 Apr 20
Stonehage Fleming Global Best Ideas Equity Fund 121.5983 125.7438 01 Apr 20




Investment returns for 2019 exceeded most expectations. The MSCI World Index (including Emerging Markets and dividends) delivered a +26.6% return over the year (in US$ terms; +21.7% in UK£ terms). Our Global Best Ideas Equity Fund (the “Fund”) returned +30.7%1 (US$ terms).



World equity markets trod water over the third quarter. The MSCI World Index (including Emerging Markets and dividends) held onto the first half performance of +16.2% (US$ terms) over the nine months.



World equity markets continued their positive trajectory during the second quarter. The MSCI World Index (including Emerging Markets and dividends) appreciated by a further +3.6% on top of the high base of +12.2% during the first quarter. This brought the first half performance to +16.2% (all data in US$ terms).



The new year started off with a strong first quarter. The MSCI World Index (including Emerging Markets and dividends) appreciated by +12.2% (in US$ terms). This is the best first quarter return for over twenty years.

16th March

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” - Aristotle
Read Fund Manger Gerrit Smit’s latest Global Equity Perspective.

3rd March

Contrary to earlier hopes, coronavirus is spreading through the world with infections now on all continents.

10th February

“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.” Socrates

Read Fund Manger Gerrit Smit’s latest Global Equity Perspectives

11 FEBRUARY 2019

“The aim of the wise is not to secure pleasure, but to avoid pain” Aristotle

Even though industrial production makes up less than a fifth of the US economy, its higher volatility causes disproportional sensitivity in capital markets.

28 JANUARY 2019

“The more I live, the more I regret how little I know” Claude Monet

We monitor several indices reflecting general capital market conditions. Each one considers the sponsor’s perceptions of the capital market environment, including stresses in the financial system.

14 JANUARY 2019

“He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead.” Albert Einstein

Investors start a new calendar year with a theme of global moderation in the economic outlook following the very volatile markets at the close of last year. The big question is whether the market discounts the outlook deteriorating more aggressively than earlier perceptions.

US confidence indices are starting to roll over from elevated levels. It is still too early to confirm a negative trend, but odds seem high to be the case. This has historically started years before a recession, and we can on this basis therefore not yet forecast an imminent recession.

17 DECEMBER 2018

“He who in contented is rich.” Laozi

With the volatile US stock market, it is prudent to continue closely monitoring its economic fundamental outlook as this year closes.

The current economic indicator in the above chart remains stable. The most recent reading of the trusted leading economic index of ten economic indicators has dropped from the previous peak level but is still at an elevated level. The spread between the two series (see the bottom section of the chart) is also at an elevated level. This spread traditionally went negative more than two years before the respective recessions.

19 NOVEMBER 2018

“It’s not that I am so smart, I just stay with problems longer.” Albert Einstein

It is our impression that we would need a relatively high probability of an imminent US recession to fear the formation of a bear market in equities and therefore a structural peak in share prices.

29 OCTOBER 2018

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Albert Einstein

The weak stock market performance over the past few weeks has brought it close to an official correction level of -10%.

1 OCTOBER 2018

“What can be added to the happiness of a man who is in health, out of debt, and has a clear conscience.” Adam Smith

We continue to believe that the most important fundamental issue for the health of global financial markets is the outlook for the US economy.


GLOBAL MARKETS: The most important issue for the global capital markets remains the health of the US economy.

27 AUGUST 2018

“Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming.” David Bowie

Somewhat surprisingly the end of July reading for the leading economic indicator ticked up again. Whilst the PMI index dropped a notch, it is still at elevated levels. The combination of these two readings provides continued confidence in the US economy.

13 AUGUST 2018

“Difficulties strengthen the mind, as labour does the body.” Seneca

US ECONOMY: We keep monitoring US economic indicators to form an opinion of the level of risk for an upcoming recession, and therefore for a potential peak in share prices: US – Conference Board Leading Economic Index & Goldman Sachs Current Economic Activity Indictor vs S&P 500

23 JULY 2018

“He who is brave is free.” Seneca

Most leading US economic indicators are currently at historically elevated levels, with some seemingly in a process of peaking and rolling over. Headlines of ‘this is as good as it gets’ may well be expected.

18 JUNE 2018

Investors are reflecting on a combination of potent recent geopolitical events. The G7 summit ended in acrimony, the Singapore summit seems to hold promise of more peace in Asia and immediately afterwards more threats of a trade war between the US and China materialised.

These are confusing circumstances for decision making, but fortunately investors are better guided by economic fundamental indicators. To read more please click to download

28TH MAY 2018

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Seneca the Younger

14 MAY 2018

“There are more things that frighten us than injure us, and we suffer more in imagination than in reality.” Seneca the Younger

23 APRIL 2018

It is useful to constantly follow economic indicators to assess whether the fundamental economic outlook stays constructive.

27th January

“I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.” - Socrates

Read Fund Manger Gerrit Smit’s latest Global Equity Perspectives

13th January

“To a mind that is still the whole universe surrenders.” - Lao Tzu

Read Fund Manger Gerrit Smit’s latest Global Equity Perspectives

9th December

“To attain knowledge, add things every day. To attain wisdom, remove things every day.” - Laozi

Read Fund Manger Gerrit Smit’s latest Global Equity Perspectives

25th November

11th November

28 October 2019


“Integrity is the essence of everything successful.” - R Buckminster Fuller

The Institute of Supply Management PMI Indices provide valuable information on US economic activity. Read More.

2 September 2019

“Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small.” Laozi

The most important strategic issue for world capital markets remains the strength of the US economy. The following information can shed some light on this subject.

18 August 2019

“The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.” Leonardo da Vinci

The US yield curve has made it to our front-page for the first time. Angst around trade tariffs and negative news on the German economy triggered the first inversion of the 2Y/10Y curve in the current economic cycle for a few short moments last Wednesday but featured in many headlines.

29 July 2019

“The truth is more important than the facts.” Frank Lloyd Wright

Rolling annual GDP growth remains at the long-term average despite the second quarter moderation. Contrary to the run-up to previous recessions, the quarterly growth numbers are currently less volatile. This is rather constructive towards capital market stability.

29 APRIL 2019

“Things are never clear until it’s too late.” Peter Lynch

Average consensus expectations of +2.1% GDP growth were handsomely exceeded at +3.2%. This brought the annual growth to +3.2%, the highest level since 2015. Growth in international trade and building inventory accelerated, making up half of the overall growth. Consumption growth slowed to a still respectable +1.9%. Overall nominal GDP is now a fifth larger than its peak before the Great Recession (with compounded growth of +1.8% p.a.).

1 July 219

“Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.” John F. Kennedy

The leading index’s growth continues at the previous month’s constructive level of +2.5% (on its long-term average). Against this, the growth in the current activity index in the chart continues its moderating trend. Importantly, the spread between the two series (the bottom section in the above chart) continues in positive territory. This spread has historically provided a very early warning against recession risks, but currently seems far from doing so. US – Spread Between Nominal GDP and Treasury Yield

17 June 2019

​“You will be much more in control, if you realise how much you are not in control.” Benjamin Graham

The Activity Index is still growing at a healthy +1.7%, but we can clearly expect GDP growth to moderate going forward. The major question is obviously how vulnerable the economy may be. On this note, the main US leading economic indicators continue to moderate but remain constructive.

27 MAY 2019

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” Søren Kierkegaard

We follow various US sentiment indices to better understand the outlook for economic activity. These indices do not reflect real economic data, but are useful to consider ‘the economic mood of the nation’.

13 MAY 2019

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right.” Henry Ford

With the strong US economy consumption still makes up 69.4% of their GDP. Along with the comfort of continuing relatively constructive leading economic indicators, we also focus on the stability of consumer confidence.

15 APRIL 2019

“The essence of portfolio management is the management of risks, not the management of returns.” Benjamin Graham

Whilst the growth in the leading economic index has moderated to +3.0%, it is still indicating a constructive environment. Along with this, the current economic activity index’s most recent reading picked up to +2.4%. Further, the spread between the two series (the bottom section in the chart) remains in positive territory and therefore provides comfort to equity investors.

1 APRIL 2019

“Only the mediocre are always at their best” Jean Giraudoux

Equity markets have been spooked a few times in the recent past by fears for potentially sharper rising inflation levels in the US. These fears are mainly based on high employment and rising wages.

18 MARCH 2019

“The stock market is designed to transfer money from the active to the patient” Warren Buffett

The combination of the Conference Board’s index of ten leading economic indicators and industrial production serve as a solid barometer of the health of the US economy.

4 MARCH 2019

“It’s not the mountain that we conquer but ourselves” Sir Edmund Percival Hillary

We often start our note with a chart of a leading economic indicator to understand the risk of an imminent recession in the US.

COVID-19: How we are responding

Stonehage Fleming has robust Business Continuity Plans in place across the business which are routinely tested to ensure we are as prepared as we can be to fulfil our responsibilities to our clients, irrespective of the circumstances and operating environment we may encounter.

Stonehage Fleming advises shareholders of Cinesite on the investment by Gryphion Capital

Stonehage Fleming Advisory, the corporate finance and direct investments business of Stonehage Fleming, announces that it advised the shareholders of Cinesite Media Holdings on the significant minority investment by Gryphion Capital Investments.

Stonehage Fleming appoints Non-Executive Director to Boards in South Africa

Stonehage Fleming has recently welcomed Fred Robertson to the Stonehage Fleming family as a Non-Executive Board member on its local Board of Directors.

Stonehage Fleming launches Global Sustainable Investment Portfolios

Stonehage Fleming Investment Management (“SFIM”), the UK investment division of one of the world’s leading international Family Offices, today announces the launch of its Global Sustainable Investment Portfolios (“GSIP”).

Stonehage Fleming appoints new Chairman

Stonehage Fleming (“Stonehage Fleming” or “the Group”), the leading independently owned international Family Office, today announces the appointment of John Connolly as Chairman of the Board.

Stonehage Fleming appoints new Partner in South Africa

Stonehage Fleming announces the appointment of Dr Charl du Toit as Partner in the South African Family Office Division, with responsibility for Tax Advisory services.

Stonehage Fleming appoints new CEO

Stonehage Fleming announces the appointment of Chris Merry as Group Chief Executive Officer

HedgeNews Africa

Stonehage sees the role for long/short strategies with higher volatility ahead

Bryn Hatty, CIO South Africa, talks about the prospects for family wealth management as markets enter the next leg of cycle with HedgeNews Africa.

The Telegraph

£854m fund manager: ‘Google will be a great dividend payer one day’

Gerrit Smit, Head of Equity Management, talks to The Telegraph about liquidity, shunning oil & gas, and the US-China trade war

Business Day

Tech stocks poised for a comeback, says equity manager

As tech giants' power is likely to be curbed by US authorities, Stonehage Fleming says it will ‘only affect some businesses to some extent’

Stonehage Fleming’s flagship fund passes USD1 billion mark

Fund Manager Gerrit Smit manages a concentrated, high conviction portfolio of 27 high quality businesses that are chosen for their sustainable growth potential, strong management team, strategic competitive edge and value.


Should you invest in Uber?

Gerrit Smit, Head of Equity Management, believes it is worth comparing Uber’s financial fundamentals with those of some of the more established tech stocks. Read the full Uber IPO

Financial Times

The first-gen wealth creators who struggle to talk to their kids about money

Some entrepreneurs believe their wealth is there to be spent and want their family to enjoy it while it lasts. But a consequence could be allowing children to get used to a lifestyle they will not be able to sustain. “It’s very tough to bring your children up with one degree of comfort and expect them as adults to not have any of what they previously had,” says Matthew Fleming, partner at Stonehage Fleming, the multi-family office.

Stonehage Fleming appoints Business Development Officer

Stonehage Fleming announces the appointment of Julie Gauthier as Business Development Officer in Switzerland.

Moneymarketing SA

Balancing investment return with social responsibility

“Our considerable experience working with client families around the world has confirmed that the correct balance between socially responsible investing and financial return is unique to each family and best driven once a family has effectively discussed and agreed their purpose of wealth." says Reyneke Van Wyk, Head of Stonehage Flemings’ Investment Division in South Africa. ESG investing is an investment strategy that sits one step closer to traditional investment management than SRI strategies.

Campden FB

The families giving away their children’s inheritance to charity

“Many families are concerned about their children lacking purpose and drive and are keen to either shield them from the wealth, allowing limited funds to be passed down to the next generation,” Lucy Birtwistle, senior associate in Stonehage Fleming’s family office team, told CampdenFB.

Private Banker International

PBI Germany Awards winners announced

Stonehage Fleming win Outstanding Family Office Proposition in Germany


What Happens When Billionaires’ Children Inherit

“I've worked with next-generation family members who say ‘why go to university, what’s the point? No one's going to be impressed with what I do, because my entrepreneurial parents have nailed life,'" says Lucy Birtwistle, a relationship manager at Stonehage Fleming, a multi-family office.

Fears of an imminent US recession are premature

Never mind the inverted short-term yield curve


UHNW Families go cool on traditional leadership

The leadership, risk management and inter-generational dynamics of families have been put under the microscope by the MFO.

Stonehage Fleming appoints Group Chief Financial Officer

Stonehage Fleming announces the appointment of Becton Davis as Group Chief Financial Officer.

Risk Africa Magazine

The biggest risks facing your high net worth clients

What are some of the biggest risks facing high net worth individuals today?

Stonehage Fleming expands wealth planning team with senior hire

Stonehage Fleming announces the appointment of Julian Vydelingum as Senior Financial Planner in the Wealth Planning team.


Trusts, New Swiss Rules & The Wealth Toolbox

The world of trusts, foundations and rules in IFCs are changing constantly. A country where new regulations are coming out, not always under much publicity, is Switzerland. Conversation with Stonehage Fleming.


“Simplifying your wealth structure is primarily about consolidation” says South African Director

In a global regulatory environment that is increasing in intensity and demand, the days of overly complex wealth structures are numbered, according to Stonehage Fleming in South Africa. The international multi-family office urges wealthy South African residents faced with growing financial scrutiny to modernise their existing wealth structures to remove unnecessary complexity, while still meeting individual or family’s needs.

Moneyweb, South Africa

Animal healthcare - an opportunity for investors

'Organic growth potential in the animal healthcare sector exceeds that of human healthcare' says Gerrit Smit. See his reasons why.

Citywire Switzerland

Women in WM: ‘confront difficult situations’, says Geneva head

Ahead of International Women’s Day, Citywire Switzerland has spoken to the women leading wealth management firms across the country to find out what inspired them to pursue their career, how they reached their current position and the lessons they have learned along the way.

Financial Mail, Investors Monthly

The pros of offshore equity

Investors have various opportunities to gain access to global opportunities, but picking the most appropriate investment will ultimately determine returns. Passive offshore funds are one option but Bryan Hatty, chief investment officer at Stonehage Fleming Investment Management in SA, says these investments are not as simple as they seem.

Financial Mail, Investors Monthly

Consider the risks

Global equities are recovering from their poorest annual performance since the 2008-2009 financial crisis. Bryn Hatty, chief investment officer at Stonehage Fleming Investment Management in SA, says opportunities have also emerged in the unlisted, private capital space for investors who are prepared to commit capital for 10 years or longer.

Professional Wealth Management

Catering to the new breed of global family

The greatest challenge such migration presents is keeping a family united, says Ari Tatos, managing partner of Stonehage Fleming. "When you have people growing up in different places and being exposed to different life experiences, a family has to work a lot harder to keep moving in the same direction," he says.

Citywire Wealth Manager

Office Spotlight: Stonehage Fleming Investment Management, London

Q&A with Graham Wainer, CEO at Stonehage Fleming Investment Management, London


The Rise of The Family Office: Where do they go beyond 2019?

We saw a growing demand for advice and expertise arising from direct investments,” said Michael Maslinski, Partner at Stonehage Fleming.

Wealth Manager

Hot Funds: 10 Wealth Managers’ Top Picks for 2019

The valuation discount of emerging markets to developed markets, at around 30%, is comparable to the financial crisis, and presents opportunities for skilful managers to benefit from a brighter outlook for 2019. Investors have reacted to a slowing Chinese economy in 2018.

Stonehage Fleming appoints new Director in Wealth Planning team

Stonehage Fleming, one of the world’s leading independently owned family offices, announces the appointment of Kate Boswell as Director in the Wealth Planning team. With over 10 years of advisory experience, Kate joins Stonehage Fleming from Handelsbanken Wealth Management, where she was a Client Director and Head of Private Office – North. In this role, she was responsible for providing integrated investment, financial and tax planning services to the firm’s wealthiest and most complex clients.


3 Important Ways To Foster A Successful Future For Your Business

For any successful business, safeguarding its future through careful succession planning should be an important focus. This applies whether you’re running a large listed business, a family owned business, or a small to medium sized unlisted business. There are interesting parallels to heading a successful family and preserving long term family wealth.

Stonehage Fleming appoints Chief Operating Officer

Stonehage Fleming announces the appointment of Glenn Murphy as Chief Operating Officer within the investment management division. Glenn will be responsible for delivering strategic operating and technology platforms to enable the business to offer robust solutions and improved processes for the benefit of the Group’s clients.

STEP Journal

Milestones achieved

For decades Switzerland has been home to a very active community of highly qualified and widely recognised experts and thought leaders in the field of trusts. Philippe De Salis, Partner, provides a history of the swiss-based trust industry and describes the latest developments

Financial Times

How to talk to your children about money

For those ready and willing to talk to their kids about inheritance, there is no right age, advisers say. But most agree it should certainly be done at some point in early adulthood. Ms Birtwistle says that it should probably happen before any serious relationship is embarked upon, so that a pre-nup doesn’t come as a surprise — or be seen as disapproval of the child’s particular choice of partner.

Caledonia Investments acquires minority stake in international multi-family office Stonehage Fleming

Stonehage Fleming, one of the world’s leading international family offices, and Caledonia Investments plc (“Caledonia”), the self-managed investment trust, announced today that Caledonia has agreed to acquire a significant minority stake in Stonehage Fleming.

The Economist

Family offices become financial titans

The growing ranks of billionaires’ in-house investment teams. London-based Stonehage Fleming was formed in 2014 when the office of Britain’s Fleming family (relatives of Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond) merged with a fiduciary firm serving South African families that had fled the apartheid regime. It has some 250 families on its books.


How to ensure the kids don’t blow it all

Preserving intergenerational wealth is not just about managing money. “While the wealth creator may say that they do not want to rule from the grave, having a ‘constitution’ or set of rules – that goes beyond a will – for the management of your wealth can help to prevent division in families.” Johan van Zyl, CEO - South Africa.

Campden FB

Succession beats wealth preservation as top priority for families

The world’s business families are making the successful transfer of leadership to the next generation a higher priority than even the safeguarding of wealth in an era of disruption and uncertainty.

International Adviser

Should segmentation be used in cross-border wealth planning?

“Our services have two clear objectives: the successful protection of family wealth and the successful management of family assets." - Johan van Niekerk, Head of Family Office - Neuchâtel


Mega-Family Office Strike Transatlantic Alliance to Woo Wealthy

“It isn’t about one person having a relationship with one family," said Mark McMullen, chief executive officer of Stonehage Fleming’s family office division. “It’s about trying to build a team of people to take care of them across the world."

Stonehage Fleming and Glenmede Enter into Strategic Alliance

Stonehage Fleming, one of the world’s leading international family offices, and the Glenmede Trust Company, N.A. (“Glenmede”), a private wealth and institutional investment management firm in the United States, today announced they have entered into a strategic alliance, effective immediately.

GBI 5th Anniversary

The Stonehage Fleming Global Best Ideas Equity Fund passed the five year anniversary of its launch in August 2018. We conducted interviews with colleagues from around the business to provide an overview of the fund, the investment strategy which underpins it, and its success to date. Please note that this video is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended to be a financial promotion or investment advice.

FT Adviser

Book Review: The Wealth Elite

Michael Maslinski, Strategic Adviser at Stonehage Fleming reviews The Wealth Elite: A Groundbreaking Study of the Psychology of the Super Rich by Rainer Zitelmann. Published by LID Publishing.


A day in the life of a PE investor

As part of a new series, PitchBook are speaking to various players in the private equity and venture capital spaces—including startups, firms and noteworthy dealmakers—to see what daily life looks like for them. This week, they spoke to Richard Clarke-Jervoise, head of private capital at Stonehage Fleming.


60 seconds interview with Wayne Elliott

Wayne Elliott, Director in our Family Office Division in Neuchatel tells Citywealth about his role at Stonehage Fleming, challenges his clients face & the best piece of advice he’s ever received.

Private Equity International

How the world’s family offices allocate their assets

Private equity is the most popular alternative asset for the world's family offices, according to new research.

Financial Times

Impact investing crosses generation gap

Richard Clarke-Jervoise, head of the private capital investment team at multi-family office Stonehage Fleming, also says impact investing has become of increasing interest to clients. “There has been a step change in the past 12-18 months where it feels like we have gone through a tipping point and the interest has become more material".

Stonehage Fleming appoints a new Chief Investment Officer and Director of Investment Management

Stonehage Fleming has announced the appointment of two new members to the Stonehage Fleming Investment Management team in South Africa in August 2018. Bryn Hatty has been appointed as Chief Investment Officer and Carolyn Levin as a Director in the South African Investment Management Division.

Wealth Adviser

Stonehage Fleming appoints director of investment strategy and research

Family office Stonehage Fleming has appointed Mona Shah as Director, Investment Strategy and Research in London. Shah will report into John Veale, the Deputy Head of Investments and will be a member of the Investment Committee. She will be responsible for the selection and review of managers for use in multi-asset client portfolios.

Investment Europe

Stonehage Fleming appoints investment strategy director

Stonehage Fleming has appointed Mona Shah as director, Investment Strategy and Research in London, effective September 2018. Shah will report into John Veale, deputy head of Investments and will be a member of the Investment Committee. She will be responsible for the selection and review of managers for use in multi-asset client portfolios.

Stonehage Fleming Appoints Mona Shah Director of Investment Strategy & Research

"I am delighted to join Stonehage Fleming in September and work alongside such a talented team. I have been impressed by the firm’s commitment to excellence and strong values."

FT Wealth

US-China trade feud is a test for your investment portfolio

“The auto industry is a clear target and may experience particular weak investor sentiment", Gerrit Smit, Head of Equity Management at Stonehage Fleming

Endorsing timeless art from South Africa and beyond

International Family Office Stonehage Fleming is a proud founding partner of the Norval Foundation.

Global investing: No such thing as bad timing

Do investors place too much focus on timing of the exchange rate when funds are invested offshore? Recent studies have revealed that when a disciplined approach to the regular investment of funds offshore is followed, the timing of these transactions is less important than many investors perceive it to be.

Wealth Manager

Inside the investment minds of 14 wealth managers

14 wealth managers reveal their key calls as we work through the second half. Kirsten Boldarin, Partner Investment Strategy & Research, Stonehage Fleming, London shares her views.

Wealth Briefing

AI Can Boost Our Business

The Chief Technology Officer at multi-family office Stonehage Fleming says the firm is optimistic about how Artificial Intelligence technologies can improve its business. But he does not see the firm competing with fintechs.

FT Adviser

Helping to make the earnings from professional sport last a lifetime

Matthew Fleming, a partner at Stonehage Fleming Group and himself a former professional cricketer, said sportsmen and women are a fairly unique group because their earning power typically peaks at a young age.

Private Banker International

Succession Planning: Strategies that work

Mark McMullen, partner - CEO – family office at Stonehage Fleming (Switzerland), explains the practicalities of successful succession planning. He also explains succession planning’s growing importance as a tool for long-term risk management.

Stonehage Fleming appoints Jersey Partner

Stonehage Fleming announces the appointment of Paul Matthams as Partner within the Family Office division. Paul joins from leading offshore law firm Carey Olsen where he has been a Partner for nearly twenty years as well as Head of the firm’s Trusts and Private Wealth Group from October 2005 to June 2016.

Stonehage Fleming bolsters Wealth Planning team with Senior Hire

With sixteen years’ financial planning experience Matthew joins Stonehage Fleming from Thomas Miller Wealth Management, where he was appointed Partner in 2015, having first joined the firm in 2006 (Thomas Miller acquired Broadstone/BDO Investment Management in December 2014).

Jersey - First for Finance

Jersey: building on a trusted reputation

Ian Crosby, Partner at Stonehage Fleming and President of the Jersey Association of Trust Companies explores why Jersey continues to be recognised as the world’s leading jurisdiction for trusts.

The Financial Times

Next Gen’ clients seek greener, leaner wealth managers

“The attitude of the younger generation of client is very different [from their parents],” says Matthew Fleming, partner at family office Stonehage Fleming. “There has been an unmistakable shift in the past five years towards impact and sustainability through overtly responsible investing.”

Campden FB

How to manage your passion investment in Art

Whether one owns art for pleasure or as an investment, the volume of administration related to managing a collection is the same

Pensions and Investments

Italy perceived as trouble — but not by all

Other managers said risks appear to have abated for contagion in Europe from Italy, thanks to the populist coalition not appearing "to be on firm ground yet, and also they did not individually call for a referendum on euro membership," said Gerrit Smit, partner, head of equity management at Stonehage Fleming Investment Management in London.

Personal Finance

Are foreign trusts still relevant for South Africans?

“In determining the tax implications of a foreign trust where a loan is in place which is not attracting interest at a market-related rate, the relationship between three primary tax principles must be considered – transfer pricing provisions, attribution rules and the new Section 7C,” says Elana Nel, senior associate in the tax advisory division at Stonehage Fleming in South Africa.


In Profile: Stonehage Fleming

Multi-family office Stonehage Fleming deployed around $100m into private equity funds in 2017. Head of private equity, Richard Clarke-Jervoise talks to Unquote about the firm's client base, investment approach and decision to consolidate its GP relationships


Private banking centres face up to compliant future

“The Swiss really understand wealth and the discretion around wealth. That’s one of the biggest attractions of Switzerland, not only for ourselves, but for wealthy client families,” says Mr Tatos. “It’s a great place to have a foothold if you are serious about the multi-generational aspect of your wealth. Switzerland is far, far better than other jurisdictions when it comes to discretion.”

FT Adviser

Prioritise retirement lifestyle

In short, an increasing number of people will need to plan their pension arrangements very carefully as many, and especially those with DB pension schemes, are likely to be caught by the lifetime allowance and will have to pay a lifetime allowance tax charge.

Private Banker International

Succession planning strategies that work

Mark McMullen, partner – CEO, Family Office, at Stonehage Fleming (Switzerland), explains the practicalities of successful succession planning. McMullen explains that succession planning is the most important tool of long-term risk management.

Money Marketing

Growth and preservation equally important to wealthy families

“Our research suggests a subtle but notable shift in attitude by wealthy families in the long-term management and protection of their wealth and their legacies. Having weathered the global financial crisis, families are increasingly focused on growing their wealth rather than just on preserving it.”

FT Adviser

‘Where assets appear cheap there is a good reason for it’

“Where assets appear to be cheap, there is a good reason for it. Very often the hope or the expectation of being able to turn it around are too optimistic. The task to turn a proverbial ship is usually larger than people perceive it to be. [Our] philosophy is to buy to hold outstanding quality businesses with a particular competitive edge at the maximum of a fair valuation.”


Pets: An investment case

Gerrit Smit, fund manager of Stonehage Fleming’s Global Best Ideas Equity Fund, invested in Zoetis, a global manufacturer of drugs and vaccinations for pets and farm animals about a year ago. Zoetis, which was previously spun off from Pfizer, is the fund’s third-largest holding, at 5.5%.


Claude Francis Barry Exhibition Launch | CCaSM | Wednesday 2nd May

Stonehage Fleming recently had the pleasure of hosting a preview of the masterworks by the late Sir Claude Francis Barry at CCaSM Modern & Contemporary Art Gallery in St Helier.

Business Day

Market conditions starting to favour active managers

Stonehage Fleming, which provides family office services for internationally wealthy families, believes this trend could partially reverse as market conditions change and become more favourable to active managers.

Stonehage Fleming Appoints Risk & Compliance Partner

Stonehage Fleming announces the appointment of David Maxwell as Partner and Head of UK Risk & Compliance.

Global Investor

Stonehage Fleming’s Wainer backs holistic offering

Wainer said the main differences between Stonehage Fleming and the generic asset management firms are the breadth of its offering and “client engagement”. “Our clients are much more closely integrated into the investment process.”

Global Investor

Stonehage Fleming chief Ciucci has global ambition

Ciucci said: “Everything we do is bottom-up, so staff are crucial. We were happy to hire Simon Boadle to head up the corporate finance team and Graham Wainer we have known for years. We are very careful when it comes to hiring.”

Money Marketing

News & Opinion: Jean-Pierre du Plessis

My best financial moment was the purchase of my first apartment in the cape town city bowl in about 2005

citywire Wealth Manager

Eight Wealth Managers’ most recent fund buys

Geopolitical tensions, an ageing population and the need for a flexible approach are just some of the reasons our readers chose something new.

Private Equity International

What really matters to private equity LPs?

LP Interview: Richard Clarke-Jervoise, Partner, Head of Private Capital shares his views "We believe that ESG is already an important consideration"


Making HNW Families Master Finance - What’s the best way?

Since WealthBriefing started to look into the financial education of wealth management clients, the big question that has come up time and again is: what's the best way to educate the wealthy about their money?

Campden FB

Sudden Death Succession Planning

The loss of billionaire heir Karl-Erivan Haub brings home the need for families to prepare robust succession plans to ensure their businesses survive, experts say.

Money Week

How the world’s wealthiest keep it in the family

The world’s richest families, disillusioned with traditional wealth management, are taking matters into their own hands. Lucy Loewenberg reports on the rise of the family office.


Collectors should look beyond aesthetics when investing in art

Novice & experienced collectors alike should buy less often and try to choose works that have been tested by history"

Citywire Wealth Manager

Stonehage Fleming bolsters Jersey

Multi-family office Stonehage Fleming has expanded its Jersey office with the appointment of a new director.

International Investment

People Moves: Stonehage Fleming

Stonehage Fleming, the London-based multi-family office, has expanded its Jersey office with the appointment of Rudi Bodenstein as a director.

Stonehage Fleming Continues its Expansion in Jersey

As the largest multi-family office in Europe, Stonehage Fleming offers an award-winning proposition and boasts an impressive international client base. The Group are true pioneers within the family office industry and I look forward to developing the Emerald offering.

campden FB

Shared Values, Shrewd Investments: The Worlds Top 25 Independent Multi Family Offices

As family offices continue to grow in structure and wealth, how is this affecting the commercial multi family office industry?

campden FB

Gender pay gap: Family businesses vow to do better

Michael Maslinski, Partner - Group Head of Strategy and Know How at Stonehage Fleming, said there was a growing trend in family businesses for women to become more involved, often in leadership roles.

The Wealthnet

Buyer Beware: the dangers of viewing art as an investment

Stonehage Fleming clearly distinguishes between investment portfolios and art collections. In addition to a substantial investment business, a separate team of six art professionals assists clients with the management of over twenty global art collections acquired over the past one hundred years.


Top Fund Managers’ 5 Global Stock Picks

UK investors tend to have a home bias when it comes to stock selection. But with a falling market, and continued Brexit uncertainty, it could be time to consider a more global outlook.

This is Money

Fund focuses on the world’s strongest brands - and it’s paying off

This is Money

The WealthNet

Stonehage Fleming appoints from JP Morgan for corporate finance team

"Anastasia's appointment comes at a very exciting time for us. The current landscape of strong equity markets and valuations are supporting M&A activity and demand for specialist advice is increasing."

Stonehage Fleming expands corporate finance team

“Anastasia’s appointment comes at a very exciting time for us. The current landscape of strong equity markets and valuations are supporting M&A activity and demand for specialist advice is increasing".

Citywire Wealth Manager

Stonehage Fleming’s Ventura: Jersey still attractive for UHNW

Jersey had been awarded the standard of excellence in terms of being totally compliant on transparency and exchange of information on tax matters.

Altes Geld, neuer Boom

Spezialisiert auf Kunstsammlungen Die Engländerin Jacqui Cheshire, eine junge Finanzspezialistin, hat ein makellos-distinguiertes Auftreten, an dem insbesondere die Abwesenheit von allem Grosstuerischen auffällt. Ihr Unternehmen, sagt sie, verstehe sich ganz als Dienstleister.

Financial Mail

Analyse This: Stonehage Fleming’s Gerrit Smit

Financial Mail

Money Marketing

Building wealth across generations – the four pillars of capital

Building up great wealth is one thing; holding onto it through multiple generations is another. “This debunks the popular idea that great wealth is largely inherited, and gives credence an old English saying “from clogs to clogs in three generations”, says Johan van Zyl, CEO of Stonehage Fleming in South Africa.

Daily Telegraph

Top wealth manager returns 70pc in three years

The world of wealth management is often cloaked in secrecy, with returns and charges opaque at best. Now, the performance of the top wealth managers has been disclosed through annual awards run by specialist publisher Citywire.

Financial Times

The Rich Column

Many wealthy parents fail to teach their children the art of working together


Why now is a good time to take your money offshore

"wealthy South African investors should look to invest 100% of their long-term surplus assets offshore."

Financial Times

Art buyers find few investment masterpieces

“Owning and managing an art collection is a complex business, requiring investment of time and advice from a variety of experts,” says Steve Kettle, partner at wealth manager Stonehage Fleming, which advises its clients on their art as well as other assets.

FA News

Stonehage Fleming’s flagship fund produces outstanding returns

“Despite some nervousness, equities remain the asset class of choice” Gerrit Smit, Head of Equity Management, Stonehage Fleming.

Tech Central

Interview: Gerrit Smit on why the global tech rally is far from over

Duncan McLeod chats to Gerrit Smit, Fund Manager at London-based wealth management company Stonehage Fleming, which invests billions of dollars on behalf of ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

The WealthNet

Stonehage Fleming’s flagship fund tops £500m

Assets under management (AUM) for the Stonehage Fleming Global Best Ideas Equity Fund have passed the £500 million mark

Investment Europe

Stonehage Fleming fund passes £0.5bn

"We continue to stick to our philosophy that a good business remains a good business irrespective of potential short-term tactical setbacks in its share price".

Private Equity International

What families want

As head of the private equity team at Stonehage Fleming,Richard Clarke-Jervoise knows a thing or two about how to attract private wealth to the asset class.

Stonehage Fleming win STEP Multi Family Office Team Award for 3rd Consecutive Year

The Judges said: ‘Stonehage Fleming’s depth of talent, breadth of specialised platforms and services, and focus solely on family office services, set it apart from the others.’

Financial Times

A positive view on European stocks

John Veale: “Monetary policy also remains benign and fiscal austerity is easing. However, these positives are, to an extent, counterweighted by a stronger euro, which may dampen the performance of export-oriented industries.”

Private Equity International

Why you want a family office in your fund

With assets in the trillions, a healthy penchant for private equity and autonomy over their investment strategy, family offices have a lot to offer fund managers.

International Investment

People Moves

The role is a new one, created by the growth of the business, a spokesperson for Stonehage Fleming said. It has added more than 60 major clients to its books since the merger.

Stonehage Fleming Takes From EFG

Stonehage Fleming is expanding its workforce further and has hired a Swedish investment expert from EFG International.


Stonehage Fleming hires senior director from EFG International

Stonehage Fleming has hired Eva Sheppard as a senior director within its investment management division, the firm has announced.

Private Equity International

Committed capital fees ‘on the way out’

Stonehage Fleming's Richard Clarke-Jervoise discusses Committed capital fees ‘on the way out’. In the next 10 years, half of private equity managers will move to charging only on invested capital, predicts Richard Clarke-Jervoise, a partner at family office Stonehage Fleming.

Stonehage Fleming Attracts Key Client Director

Eva Sheppard has joined Stonehage Fleming as a senior director within the Investment Management division.

Stonehae Fleming appoints Chairman of Corporate Finance

Stonehage Fleming announces the appointment of Simon Boadle as Executive Chairman of its Corporate Finance business.

Wealth Manager

Stonehage Fleming hires PwC partner

'Corporate finance is a core part of the group’s multi-disciplinary family office offering and I look forward to helping to develop this business as an increasingly important part of the group.'


Stonehage Fleming recruits from PwC for senior role

"We are very pleased to have Simon join as executive chairman of our corporate finance team."

BCG Persepctives

Designing the Family Office in a New Era of Private Wealth

Anton Sternberg contributes to BCG's latest Perspectives article on Designing the Family Office

Stonehage Fleming receives highest accreditation from STEP Employer Partnership Programme

Following a rigorous application process Stonehage Fleming has been awarded 'Platinum Partner', the highest of the three accreditation levels awarded by the STEP Employer Partnership Programme.

Citywire Switzerland

Tried & Trusted

An attempt to codify the trust under Swiss law has significant implications for wealth managers’ business models. Partners at Stonehage Fleming run through the ramifications.

Citywire Wealth Manager

Stonehage Fleming hires former Investec man as equity research boss

'The needs of institutional investors, families and [ultra-high net worth clients] are constantly evolving and I am looking forward to meeting these demands.’

Investment Europe

Stonehage Fleming adds one to equity management team

We are pleased to have attracted someone with Mark’s depth of research experience to join our Equity Management team.

Financial Times

Why investors would be wise not to ignore tech stocks

Gerrit Smit, manager of the Stonehage Fleming Global Best Ideas Equity fund, cites the large tech groups’ strong free cash flow generation, operating margins and returns on invested capital, and “huge amounts of excess cash”.

Investment Europe

MFO buys Swiss art management firm

“Art is very much part of the Stonehage Fleming DNA and art management has been a core part of our multi family office offering since Georgina established the highly successful division in 2007."


Multi-Family Office Expands Art Advisory, Investment Arm with Swiss Aquisition

Stonehage Fleming has acquired Swiss art management and advisory firm OmniArte. The move comes 10 years after the MFO launched its art division.

Stonehage Fleming expands Art Management Division with Acquisition of Omniarte

Art is very much part of the Stonehage Fleming DNA and Art Management has been a core part of our Multi Family Office.


Stocks React to Election Whimper

Smit states: "Things are looking up for Europe at the moment, European consumer confidence, which has lagged, is now at a post-credit-crisis record."

Stonehage Fleming hires two senior Bankers from UBS

Stonehage Fleming announces the appointments of two new Senior Business Developers in Switzerland.

Investment Europe

UK Multi Family Office makes double hire for Swiss branch

“Florin and Andreas both have impressive backgrounds in supporting ultra-high-net worth clients in both the Swiss and German markets"

Stonehage Fleming opens Canadian gateway office

Stonehage Fleming announces the opening of its new Canadian representative office, Stonehage Fleming (Canada) Inc.


Stonehage Fleming open office in Toronto

"We are pleased to announce Mike's appointment to Partner and the opening of our new representative office in Toronto"

CICC Family Wealth Management Forum, Shanghai

How to protect & manage family legacies for generations? The team join the 2017 CICC Family Wealth Management Forum in Shanghai.


Stonehage Fleming on PAM Awards win

"A culture and an operational approach where infra-firm knowledge, co-operating and experience are so fundamental to successful delivery takes decades to build."

Stonehage Fleming Corporate Finance - Transaction Announcement

Stonehage Fleming Corporate Finance is delighted to report the successful completion of the sale of The Watch Gallery to Bucherer.

Citywire Wealth Manager

Pub Club: Susie Hillier and Richard Bertin, Stonehage Fleming Wealth Planning

‘We are part of a global fiduciary wealth management business. That in itself differentiates us.'


STEP 60-second interview with Mark McMullen

STEP interview Mark McMullen and find out why winning a STEP PCA is so important to Stonehage Fleming


Peugeot Turnerd to M&A to Drive Earnings Growth

Gerrit Smit saysPeugeot has acquired GM’s European business at a knock-down price. “The clear fact is that Peugeot is buying a business that [GM] tried for years to nurse and grow. They haven’t succeeded and are, you could say, a forced seller.”

Portfolio Adviser

Wealth Manager Profile: Stonehage Fleming’s Graham Wainer

If Graham Wainer had to sum up his investment strategy in one sentence it would be, “mean reversion lurks all the time in asset classes”.

Stonehage Fleming

From hobby to enduring legacy

Georgina Hepburne Scott, Head of Art Management, contributes to the first edition of the Charles Russell Speechly art law newsletter. Read her guest article here on the practicalities of art collecting.

Investment Week

‘Sell everything’? Managers reveal coping strategies for turbulent markets

We believe the best investment strategy at any time is to buy only outstanding businesses with a particular competitive edge against its competition, and making sure we do not pay anything more than a fair valuation for that business.


Former JP Morgan Swiss head joins Stonehage Fleming as partner

Stonehage Fleming has appointed a former JP Morgan private bank Swiss head as a partner to its family office division, based in the Geneva office.

Stonehage Fleming hires J.P. Morgan Private Bank veteran

“We are pleased to welcome Andrea to Stonehage Fleming. His experience is well suited to Stonehage Fleming’s distinctive integrated family office approach."


Bank Executives: Leaving Behind a Life in Comfort

More and more highly successful bankers are leaving their well-paid jobs at big companies for a life at less well-known firms, where they can put to use their entrepreneurial spirit.

FT Adviser

Firing Line: Anton Sternberg

Stonehage Fleming's UK profile is set to expand exponentially following its acquisition of a London-based advice business.

The Financial Times

Banking on relationships

You need someone who recognises that sometimes, it’s complicated, says Mark McMullen, CEO, Family Office, at Stonehage Fleming.

Investment Week

Wealth management veteran Moodie joins Stonehage Fleming board

"My experience of leading RBC into new global markets aligns very well with Stonehage Fleming's strategic plan. I am looking forward to working with the team and being part of the next stage of Stonehage Fleming's growth."

Citywire Wealth Manager

Stonehage Fleming hires 30-year RBC Wealth veteran

McMullen said: ‘Mike’s appointment demonstrates our commitment to further enhancing and expanding the geographic reach of our service offering as we strive to lead the industry as a truly international family office.’

Press Release

Stonehage Fleming Hires RBC Wealth Management Veteran

Stonehage Fleming, one of the world’s leading independently owned family offices, announces the appointment of Mike Moodie, formerly Vice President & Managing Director at RBC Wealth Management, as a Consultant and Board Member of Stonehage Fleming US LLC.

Stonehage Fleming win Spear’s Award

We are pleased to announce that Stonehage Fleming won Spear’s Family Office Services of the Year at last night’s award ceremony at The Dorchester in London.

Financial Times

The Fintech Challenge

“Robo-advice is not something the current generation is looking for … but it will be something that the next generation will want to know they can access,” argues Nicholas Bernard of Stonehage Fleming. “The next generation will be looking for a comprehensive, cross-platform wealth management application"

Financial Times

Brexit fallout: is it over?

Gerrit Smit, partner at Stonehage Fleming: “The UK is currently in the proverbial ‘sweet spot’ regarding Brexit — its huge exporting industry benefits from the weaker currency, whilst it does not yet pick up the potential higher costs to do business in Europe.”

Campden FB

Multi Family Office Stonehage Fleming takes over UHNW Adviser

“Our new look demonstrates the combined strength of our businesses and our shared vision of bringing the values and approach of a family office to a broader range of clients across all bands of wealth.”

Wealth Briefing

Stonehage Fleming aquires FF&P Wealth Planning

"I am pleased to formally welcome Richard, Susie and their team into the group. They come with valuable expertise and a strong reputation. They will be a real asset to our firm."

FT Adviser

Family office buys up advice business to strengthen offering

“The UK is a key strategic market for Stonehage Fleming and we are seeing an increasing demand from our clients for long-term financial planning and advice."

Stonehage Fleming Completes Acquisition of FF&P Wealth Planning

“ With the combination of Wealth Planning, Family Office and Investment Management, we believe that we have an exceptional proposition to meet the needs of wealthy clients, both domestic and international.”

Matthew Fleming becomes MCC President

Matthew commented, “Next year promises to be a momentous one for the Club - when the new Warner Stand is completed, the refurbishment of the J.P. Morgan Media Centre is finalised and when Lord's plays host to the ICC Women's Cricket World Cup Final.”

Stonehage Fleming win STEP Multi Family Office Team of the Year

We are delighted to let you know that Stonehage Fleming was selected as the Multi Family Office Team of the Year at the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) awards in London earlier this month.

Wealth Manager

Pass the baton: how family offices can survive succession

‘Intergenerational transfer is a crucial part of what we do. And within that, we see succession from one generation to the next as not only one of the greatest opportunities, but also the biggest risk that families face.’

Financial News

Stonehage Fleming hires ex-Neptune business development executive

One of the world’s largest family offices has appointed a new business development director to lead its sales effort. In a statement, Stonehage Fleming said it had appointed former Neptune Investment Management executive Ian Harvey to the role.

Wealth Briefing

Stonehage Fleming Appoints Business Development Director

Guy Hudson, Partner and Head of Marketing said: "This marks a significant commitment to the distribution of our signature equity capability into a new channel, and demonstrates our confidence in a strategy where we are already entrusted with over £1.4bn

Wealth Manager

Stonehage Fleming hires Neptune man for key business role

'We are pleased to welcome Ian to Stonehage Fleming. The fact that we have attracted someone of Ian’s calibre and experience further emphasises the strategy’s potential and appeal,'

International Investment

Panama Papers and the average investor

Stonehage Fleming Partner Michael Maslinski, explains that family offices make use of holding structures such as trusts and companies for perfectly legitimate reasons – the most prevalent reason being succession planning, to ensure a family’s assets are handed down to the future generations in a fair and organised way.

Finance Industry Review

The Four Pillars of Wealth

"Families are now more focused on growing their wealth rather than just on preserving it. As families grow, and the demands on their assets increase, ultra-high-net-worth families are becoming more entrepreneurial" p16

The Wealth Net

Stonehage Fleming makes series of senior appointments

Stonehage Fleming has made a series of promotions and a hire to senior roles, including a head of broking services and a head of family office in the UK.

Campden FB

Still open for families: Family offices take on the Brexit challenge

Family offices, their advisers, and wealth managers are not immune from uncertainty but as Anton Sternberg, investments chief executive at multi family office Stonehage Fleming, says, “these circumstances reinforce the importance of the role of the family office as a source of trusted advice. In times of change and uncertainty, families need wise counsel.”

The Telegraph

The London managers who ensure the family jewels earn their keep

Anton Sternberg, Partner of Stonehage Fleming Investments said: "we find that [risk appetite] changes over a lifetime. Perhaps in the early years they are really focused on the business, and as time goes by they start thinking about the next generation”

Money Observer

‘The one share I would buy and hold forever is…’

Nestlé is the global food giant best known for selling chocolate, but it is the firm’s drive to place a greater emphasis on developing nutritional products to improve health conditions that is exciting Gerrit Smit, manager of the Stonehage Fleming Global Best Ideas Equity fund.

Investment Week

The headwinds and tailwinds for US equities

While the US equity market generally depends on domestic US economic circumstances and usually leads global equity markets, we have just witnessed how Brexit unnerved most capital markets, despite the fact the UK economy contributes less than 4% to global GDP.

Wealth Manager

Stonehage Fleming hires GAM’s Wainer as head of investments

Stonehage Fleming has appointed Graham Wainer as chief executive and head of investments for Stonehage Fleming Investment Management in London. "I am extremely excited that Graham will be joining Stonehage Fleming and look forward to working closely with him," said Anton Sternberg.

World Finance

Why family offices are growing in popularity

“We saw a growing demand for advice and expertise arising from direct investments”, said Michael Maslinski, Partner and Group Head of Strategy and Know How at Stonehage Fleming, the largest family office in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

FT Adviser

Mattioli Woods plans soft launch of family office

Michael Maslinksi, partner and group head of strategy at Stonehage Fleming, said: “There is no blueprint for a family office, or a family office offering within a wider business, as the service should be designed to suit the particular needs of the family concerned."

The Financial Times

Low returns will be new norm for investors, say wealth managers

"We've got to talk about low returns to clients," said Ian Marsh, head of asset management at Stonehage Fleming. "In the past, we have seen equity returns at 8 per cent. It is likely to be a lot lower, at between 3 and 5 per cent. People have to be accustomed to that."

Citywire Wealth Manager

Profile: inside the Stonehage Fleming merger

In a year of significant M&A activity within the wealth management sector, the merger of Stonehage and Fleming Family & Partners, which completed last September, was a standout.

The Wealthnet

Wealth must benefit wider society to be preserved over generations - Stonehage Fleming survey

Great wealth can only be successfully transferred across generations if the broader community benefits from its preservation - according to a new report published by Stonehage Fleming.