Privacy notice

This Privacy Notice explains how Stonehage Fleming (Israel) Financial Services Limited (“the Company”) collects, uses and discloses your personal data, and your rights in relation to the personal data it holds.

In this Privacy Notice, “us”, “we” and “our” refers to the Company.

The Company is the database controller of your personal data and is subject to Israel’s Protection of Privacy Law (“the PPL) and related Regulations. The Group Data Protection Officer is Mr. Cesare Milani. His contact details are:


Tel: +44 207 087 0136

Our appointed representative in the European Union is Sturdon Holdings Luxembourg SARL. Our Data Privacy Officer in Luxembourg is Mr. Peter Egan. His contact details are:


Tel: +352 2744 7303

We may amend this Privacy Notice from time to time, to reflect any changes in the way that we process your personal data. This Privacy Notice supersedes any previous version of this notice with which you may have been provided or had sight of before the date stated below as well as anything to the contrary contained in any agreement with us.

You have the following rights:

  • To obtain access to, and copies of, the personal data that we hold about you.
  • To require that we cease processing your personal data if the processing is causing you damage or distress.
  • To require us not to send you marketing communications.
  • To require us to erase your personal data.
  • To require us to restrict our data processing activities.
  • To receive from us the personal data we hold about you which you have provided to us.
  • To require us to correct the personal data we hold about you if it is incorrect.

Please note that the above rights are not absolute, and we may be entitled to refuse requests where exceptions apply.

If you have any questions about how we use your personal data please contact our Group Data Protection Officer.

We may collect your personal data in a number of ways, for example:

  • From the information you provide to us when you meet with one of our employees.
  • When you communicate with us by telephone, fax, email or other forms of electronic communication. In this respect, we may monitor, record and store any such communication.
  • When you complete or we complete on your behalf client on-boarding or application or other forms.
  • From other companies in our Group.
  • From your agents, advisers, intermediaries, insurance companies, fund managers, investment managers and custodians of your assets.
  • From publicly available sources or from third parties where we need to conduct background checks about you.

We may collect the following categories of personal data about you:

  • Your name, and contact information such as address, email address and telephone number, as well as your date of birth, tax identification number and your passport number or national identity card details, country of domicile and your nationality.
  • Information relating to you and your financial situation such as your industry and marketing segment, the services we offer which may be of interest, your net worth, income, expenditure, assets and liabilities, sources of wealth and your bank account details.
  • Information about your knowledge and experience in the investment field.
  • An understanding of your goals and objectives in connection with your wealth.
  • Information about your employment, education, family or personal circumstances, and interests.
  • Information, some of which is collected daily, to assess whether you may represent a money laundering, terrorist financing or reputational risk to the Group. This includes whether you are a Politically Exposed Person, are involved in a high risk business, have been arrested, charged or convicted of a crime, are on a sanctions list or expose us to tax, litigation, bribery or corruption risk.
  • Information concerning your health, where we have obtained your explicit consent.

We may process your personal data because it is necessary for the performance of a contract to which you are a party or in order to take steps at your request prior to entering into a contract.

  • In this respect, we use your personal data for the following:
    • to prepare a Proposal for you regarding the services we offer;
    • to provide you with the services as set out in our Terms of Engagement with you or as otherwise agreed with you from time to time;
    • to deal with any complaints or feedback you may have;
    • for any other purpose for which you provide us with your personal data.
  • In this respect, we may share your personal data with the following:
    • your advisers, intermediaries, insurance companies, fund managers and investment managers and custodians of your assets;
    • your advisers and agents of other third parties;
    • third party administrators who we may engage to assist in delivering the services to you;
    • our advisers where it is necessary for us to obtain their advice or assistance;
    • other third parties such as intermediaries, insurance companies, fund managers or investment managers who we introduce to you;
    • companies or trusts within our Group;
    • payment processors where we are making payments on your behalf;
    • our data storage providers.

We may also process your personal data because it is necessary for our legitimate interests.

  • In this respect, we may use your personal data for the following:
    • to run, grow and develop our business;
    • to ensure a safe environment for our employees and visitors, including website visitors;
    • to provide client services;
    • to conduct market research and carry out business development activities;
    • to train our staff or monitor their performance;
    • for the administration and management of our business including carrying out internal group administrative functions and recovering money you owe to us;
    • to seek advice and guidance on our rights and obligations, such as where we require our own legal advice;
    • to mitigate the risks we face.
  • In this respect we may share your personal data with the following:
    • our advisers, agents, settlors or protectors of trusts where it is necessary for us to obtain their advice or assistance;
    • with third parties and their advisers where those third parties are acquiring, or considering acquiring all or part of our business.

If we rely on our (or another person's) legitimate interests for using your personal information, we will undertake a balancing test to ensure that our (or the other person's) legitimate interests are not outweighed by your personal interests or fundamental rights and freedoms which require protection.

We may also process your data for our compliance with a legal obligation which we are under.

  • In this respect, we may use your personal data for the following:
    • to meet our compliance and regulatory obligations, such as compliance with anti-money laundering laws, and where we are required to monitor, record or store telephone conversations;
    • to comply with any request from an auditor, or a regulatory or supervisory body.
  • In this respect, we may share your personal data with the following:
    • our advisers where it is necessary for us to obtain their advice or assistance;
    • our auditors where it is necessary as part of their auditing functions;
    • with third parties who assist us in conducting background checks;
    • with relevant regulators or law enforcement agencies where we are required to do so.

In sharing your personal data for the reasons set out elsewhere in this Privacy Notice, we may need to transfer it to other Group companies located in Switzerland, Jersey, the United Kingdom, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Guernsey, Malta, Isle of Man or Canada, which are countries which provide the same or a similarly adequate level of protection for your personal data as is provided within Israel. We may also share your personal data with Group companies located in the United States of America, South Africa, Monaco and Mauritius which do not have laws which provide the same level of protection to your personal data as provided within the Israel. Regardless of where your information is transferred, we shall ensure that your information is safe.

If you wish to receive details regarding all of the companies or service providers which we have engaged to assist in delivering services to you or to entities in respect of which you are connected or have an interest and with whom we have shared your information please contact the Group Data Protection Officer.

If you have a complaint about the manner in which we are processing your data you may contact the Privacy Protection Authority (PPA) in Israel.

We retain your personal data for a minimum period of ten years after the termination of our relationship with you in case any claims arise out of the provision of our services to you. Please note that we may retain your data for a longer period where required to do so by law or for the purposes of legal proceedings.