Art Management

Supported by our global network of experts, we provide a comprehensive art management service to our clients, including cataloguing and insurance, oversight of purchases and sales, exhibitions, conservation, transport and security.

Strategy and logistics for passionate collectors

We provide comprehensive services to private art collectors, foundations and trusts. Our value lies in combining in-house expertise with a trusted global network of specialists. We have an independent position and our approach considers the life of a collection, from acquisitions to ownership to dispersal. Our hands-on approach gives us a thorough understanding of our clients’ collections: we know the size, weight and condition of each piece, which enables us to provide informed and accurate advice.

It is paramount to be aware of the potential pitfalls of the art market. Our knowledge and tested experience in the field greatly reduces risk and provides peace of mind to clients and trustees alike.

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Corporate & Fund Services

A bespoke service designed to help clients navigate the world’s increasingly complicated legal and regulatory environment in order to create and administer innovative and effective corporate structures.

Your guide through a complex regulatory landscape

The opportunities for efficiently structuring the assets and cash flows of international businesses and investors are significant. Clients face an extensive choice of domicile and formation options to suit their structuring and tax-planning needs, and ensure they meet their objectives for whatever type of financial transaction or asset protection required.

These options range from funds and complex structured products to those vehicles catering for more traditional and conventional corporate activity including investment and property holding, financing and employee benefit schemes.

As the regulatory environment becomes ever more complex, many clients turn to us to guide them through the legislative minefield, and to assist them at every stage of the process – from designing innovative, customised corporate structures to sourcing experienced teams capable of managing every aspect of their day-to-day operations.

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Dealing & Treasury

A comprehensive service to handle all the family’s banking and investment administration, including cash management, deal execution and custody. Our system enables us to spread banking counterparty risks across a number of prime institutions.

Spreading the risk

The banking crisis has highlighted the continuing risks of bank failure. Breaches of bank confidentiality have become too frequent to ignore. Compliance and regulatory pressures have substantially increased the costs of maintaining multiple banking relationships.

Our Dealing & Treasury service specifically addresses these concerns by aggregating client monies and spreading them across a number of carefully selected global banks.

All of which are monitored for security, price and performance on an ongoing basis.

Your funds are held by the banks as client assets in the name of SDS Nominees Limited and are completely ring-fenced from the Stonehage Fleming balance sheet.

This gives you a single point of contact for your banking and investment requirements.

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Family Office

A hub of knowledge, experience and operational capability, which can support the requirements of the family across the whole range of their affairs, from long-term planning to routine transactions and administration.

A specific structure for every family

​The service is individually designed around the requirements and preferences of your family. Whilst no two families are alike, the family’s history, size and location, the nature of the principal assets and the aptitudes of senior family members will all be key factors in defining your requirements.

All families have one thing in common: the need to plan the practicalities of passing the baton from one generation to the next and laying the foundations for an enduring legacy. This, perhaps above all, is the common theme which helps define our approach.

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Governance & Succession

Supporting client families in succession planning and family governance is core to our service offering. It is an integral part of almost everything we do and is a crucial consideration in major decisions.

Family legacy for future generations

Indeed it is well known that inherited wealth can sometimes have a detrimental impact on the lives of individuals and families, if the succession is not managed appropriately​.

That is why helping you pass on an enduring financial and family legacy to future generations is probably the most defining feature of our approach to intergenerational wealth management.​

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Insurance Services

Our insurance services form part of a wider risk management strategy, covering the whole spectrum of family circumstances. We are not an insurance broker and this independence means we can source the most appropriate cover for our clients.

Independent and impartial

Stonehage Fleming Insurance Services facilitates access to the specialist London insurance market and to other insurance providers who offer customised protection for wealthy private clients, trusts, funds and corporate entities.

​This independence means we can source the most appropriate cover impartially and cost-effectively for you. Where possible, we will bring your policies together into a single portfolio with a common renewal date, thereby creating time efficiencies and premium saving opportunities.

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Investment Management

Drawing on extensive resources and expertise, we invest on a discretionary or advisory basis across the full range of asset classes. We always adapt our investment approach to the wider circumstances of the family.

Global perspective, individual needs

No two family clients have identical investment needs. Many ask us to manage their entire portfolio; others wish to provide greater input to the process and to have a high degree of interaction with our team. We regularly work with investors who draw upon their own expertise in specific sectors.

Some of our clients are in the first generation of family wealth; others have many members across multiple generations, where succession and governance can be key investment issues.

Some families who employ a variety of investment managers, use us as their gatekeeper to oversee investment strategy, research, administration and reporting.

In all cases, our clients can draw on a global investment perspective, knowing that our teams in London, Zurich, South Africa and Jersey will address the nuances of local markets and cross-border tax requirements.

Building portfolios requires sophisticated analysis and monitoring, but we seek to deliver our service with simplicity and transparency. Our reports tell you what we have done and why, and the investment performance we have generated, at an agreed frequency. We will coordinate fully with your other advisers inside and outside Stonehage Fleming and we believe our charges are clear and fair.

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We advise families on their approach for philanthropy, usually as an integral part of the wider family strategy. We also provide technical advice, structures, investment services and full operational support where required.

Our approach

​We believe in a more strategic approach to philanthropy, one that meets your short or medium-term philanthropic objectives but also formally integrates philanthropy with succession planning and takes account of long-held family values.

This means ensuring the next generation is actively involved with the family’s philanthropy decision making, working together with other family members to embrace their values fully and moving forward harmoniously in pursuit of worthwhile causes.

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Private Capital

Private Capital is a core differentiator in our investment services and is also an important component of a diversified portfolio. Our Private Capital offering allows families to invest in this attractive, but hard to access, asset class at minimal administrative burden.

Portfolios of private equity funds

​The Private Investment Funds team focuses on helping you build concentrated portfolios of best-in-class private equity funds globally. The service is complementary to our direct private equity fund since its principal focus is on international managers, whereas the direct private equity fund is focused on UK headquartered companies.

The team’s strategy is to identify the most attractive and highest-returning market segments within the asset class, and to access and select the top-performing managers within each niche. We aim to provide you with returns that will achieve a meaningful premium to listed equity markets. Importantly, our services provide a high level of transparency plus state-of-the-art reporting.

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Private Market Advisory

Our Private Markets Advisory team advises clients on directly held private equity investments, known as Direct Investments. The team also provide independent corporate & family business advisory services to shareholders and companies at every stage of the business lifecycle.

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Real Estate

Our real estate offering currently has UK based assets and includes a variety of services from asset acquisition, creating tax-efficient holding structures, financing, management and disposal.

We offer a range of services to clients purchasing UK Real Estate; from asset sourcing to the creation of tax efficient structures and from financing options to property management.

We understand real estate is a key asset class, which can generate income, deliver capital appreciation and diversify risk. Our real estate offering provides a range of services that support clients wishing to build and/or manage a UK real estate portfolio.

Using our extensive experience, we can provide a range of services from the below:


We work with you to establish your requirements, whether for
personal or investment purposes or through sole ownership or a co-investment approach.

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Reporting & Analysis

We provide comprehensive online reporting across a client’s entire asset base. Intelligence and technology combine to provide the insight and visibility needed to make effective decisions about family wealth.

The detail you demand

Our system allows your whole family or any subgroup or individual decision-makers to access consolidated reporting for everything from strategic overviews to fine-detail analyses.

If you are using the Stonehage Fleming Dealing & Treasury platform or our core banks, data accumulation is automatic. You get up-to-date reporting on all your assets whether they are financial or non-financial.

The reports include liabilities to add another dimension to your planning capability.

We can work with you and your investment advisers to identify benchmarks or other performance criteria and implement monitoring across any asset class and for any asset or portfolio. Standard benchmarks or appropriate composites can be applied wherever required.

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Reputation Management

Reputations are hard won and easily forfeit if not properly protected and managed, often with profound consequences for financial capital. We will help identify any risks to your reputation, and remedial action required.

Safeguarding Your Legacy

Reputation can take years to build and minutes to ruin, particularly in today’s digital age where social media and stringent reporting standards mean a wealth of data, imagery and commentary is public.

For families and business owners who have spent decades building a lasting legacy, safeguarding and managing their reputation is crucial to long-term wealth preservation.

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Trust & Fiduciary

A full range of cross-jurisdictional fiduciary services including trusteeship, directorship, company secretarial, administration, nominee services and executorships. Our extensive commercial experience equips us to handle an exceptionally wide range of assets.

Realising your vision for succession

We have both the technical expertise and the commercial experience to hold an exceptionally wide variety of assets, including private companies, business ventures, property, art collections, aircraft and marine vessels, as well as diversified investment portfolios.

Trusts are frequently an integral part of intergenerational succession planning and as trustees we support families in passing on their legacy.

We have highly qualified trust officers, lawyers and accountants making up our two principal fiduciary teams in Jersey and Switzerland. They are proficient in the establishment and administration of structures incorporating entities from a wide range of international financial centres.

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Related services

Wealth Planning

Integrated planning and investment advice focused on the needs of UK resident and domiciled/deemed-domiciled family members. Clients benefit from advice across a full range of tax efficient structures and investments to support their financial and intergenerational goals.

Strategists and technicians in one

What differentiates us is our strategic approach. We devote time and energy to really understanding your objectives as experience has shown how important this is.

A wealth strategy sets out your objectives – what you are really trying to achieve for yourself, for your family and for others. This provides the strong foundation for all the advice we give.

Our clients include those who consider their affairs to be straightforward as well as those with the most complex needs. The breadth and depth of our technical expertise allows us to advise UK residents, domiciled and non-domiciled individuals, as well as arrivers and leavers in support of UK-based assets.

We are authorised in the UK to provide regulated advice across investments, pensions and insurance. As a FCA regulated ‘independent firm’ within Stonehage Fleming, we have the flexibility to recommend products and investments from the third-party marketplace to align with your unique financial objectives as well as offering access to the rest of Stonehage Fleming’s services.

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