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Wealth Planning

Integrated planning and investment advice focused on the needs of UK resident and domiciled/deemed-domiciled family members. Clients benefit from advice across a full range of tax efficient structures and investments to support their financial and intergenerational goals.

Strategists and technicians in one

What differentiates us is our strategic approach. We devote time and energy to really understanding your objectives as experience has shown how important this is.

A wealth strategy sets out your objectives – what you are really trying to achieve for yourself, for your family and for others. This provides the strong foundation for all the advice we give.

Our clients include those who consider their affairs to be straightforward as well as those with the most complex needs. The breadth and depth of our technical expertise allows us to advise UK residents, domiciled and non-domiciled individuals, as well as arrivers and leavers in support of UK-based assets.

We are authorised in the UK to provide regulated advice across investments, pensions and insurance. As a FCA regulated ‘independent firm’ within Stonehage Fleming, we have the flexibility to recommend products and investments from the third-party marketplace to align with your unique financial objectives as well as offering access to the rest of Stonehage Fleming’s services.

Our services

Our services support clients at all stages of their life, addressing

their needs as they arise and working closely with future generations.

Wealth Structuring

How to structure your wealth is a critical component of any wealth plan. A well thought through strategic long-term plan can boost post tax returns and maintain flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances. Poor structuring can add cost and erode wealth.


We offer a range of investment solutions and our starting point is always a detailed understanding of your objectives, how much risk you need to take to protect your wealth and how much you can afford to take to target your wider goals.

Retirement Planning

Pension legislation is complex, but it remains a key pillar in any tax efficient retirement plan and planning effectively will maximise the size and flexibility of your retirement income. We are able to advise across all UK pensions schemes as well as offshore structures.


Many of our clients are keen to give something back and see philanthropy as an integral part of their legacy. We can support clients in those ambitions guiding clients on structuring, tax efficiency, investment and governance.


Protecting yourself from unexpected events is critical to both your peace of mind and to your family’s long term wealth. We work with you, not just as an individual but on an inclusive basis with your partner and wider family to understand the risks, model the financial impact of death or illness and recommend appropriate strategies.

Generational Planning

Generational planning is about understanding your wishes for future generations and mitigating concerns around access and control. Tax efficiency may also be important to you and we will consider the role of pensions, business property, trusts and other structures to develop a coherent plan.

We strive to build relationships across the generations, to educate and to facilitate. Solutions can range from simple solution to more complex advice around charitable structures and family constitutions.

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