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Corporate & Fund Services

A bespoke service designed to help clients navigate the world’s increasingly complicated legal and regulatory environment in order to create innovative and effective corporate structures.

Your guide through a complex regulatory landscape

The opportunities for efficiently structuring the assets and cash flows of international businesses and investors are significant. Clients face an extensive choice of domicile and formation options to suit their structuring and tax-planning needs, and ensure they meet their objectives for whatever type of financial transaction or asset protection required.

These options range from funds and complex structured products to those vehicles catering for more traditional and conventional corporate activity including investment and property holding, financing and employee benefit schemes.

As the regulatory environment becomes ever more complex, many clients turn to us to guide them through the legislative minefield, and to assist them at every stage of the process – from designing innovative, customised corporate structures to sourcing experienced teams capable of managing every aspect of their day-to-day operations.

With you at every step

Whether we are setting up an offshore fund or creating a more conventional corporate structure, we can oversee every stage of its life cycle, from initial design to ongoing management, relieving you and your principals of the administrative burden.

  • Fund structuring and set-up
  • Compliance and corporate governance
  • Administration of the Management Company or General Partner entities
  • Investor services
  • Investment trades and processing
  • Fund valuation and accounting services
  • Financial statements and reporting
  • Setting up the corporate entity
  • Providing domiciliation services
  • Sourcing experienced local and Non-Executive Directors
  • Transaction execution and documentation
  • Regulatory, statutory and tax filings
  • Expert annual and periodic reporting
  • Listing services
  • Corporate trustee and escrow services

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