Emerald Trust Offering

What is the Emerald Trust offering?

A trust linked to a discretionary managed portfolio offering, with competitive fixed fees. The trust is domiciled and managed in Jersey, providing a trustee service of the highest standard. The trust is a reserved powers trust and the trustee has a restricted oversight obligation regarding investment portfolio performance. It also provides for the appointment of a Protector nominated by the Settlor.

The Protector will hold some powers and his/her consent will be required for certain actions of the trustees, including the power to consider and request a change in the investment mandate of the trust.

Key benefits at a glance

  • A streamlined Jersey trust offering, with protector
  • Trust linked to a discretionary managed portfolio via the Stonehage Fleming investment platform
  • A strategy designed around the wishes of the settlor and the nominated beneficiaries
  • Excellent communication and service levels
  • Competitive costs
  • Important regulatory statements relating to the Emerald Trust and the linked discretionary managed portfolio are contained at the back of the guides attached below as well as at the foot of this page

Risks to note

  • The corporate trustee restricts its responsibility and liability in respect of the portfolio and its performance: for further information, see the trust deed and investment management agreement
  • Any transfer of the portfolio or structure to a third party or third parties may take time and the associated costs and any market volatility of asset prices during transfer may contribute to a fall in portfolio value for which Stonehage Fleming cannot be held responsible
  • Performance is restricted to Stonehage Fleming asset management services and other risks apply. See under ‘Principal Risks’ in the Trust Offering Investments factsheet
  • Any person seeking to invest in equities must be prepared to leave the portfolio alone without withdrawals for at least five years. Failure to do so may adversely affect performance

Investment service levels

Our investment service pays close attention to the specific requirements of each client:

  • A strategy designed around the wishes of the settlor and the nominated beneficiaries
  • A relevant benchmark is agreed to ensure that performance can be measured appropriately
  • Meetings are offered at least once a year to ensure appropriate levels of communication

How can we help?

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