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Reputation Management

Reputations are hard won and easily forfeit if not properly protected and managed, often with profound consequences for financial capital. We will help identify any risks to your reputation, and remedial action required.

Safeguarding Your Legacy

Reputation can take years to build and minutes to ruin, particularly in today’s digital age where social media and stringent reporting standards mean a wealth of data, imagery and commentary is public.

For families and business owners who have spent decades building a lasting legacy, safeguarding and managing their reputation is crucial to long-term wealth preservation.

Digital Age

For families and wealth creators, living and working in a digital age has brought many advantages, however it has also given rise to many risks.

Under scrutiny from several directions - political, fiscal, regulatory and social - those who have created or inherited capital are under pressure to behave transparently and responsibly with their wealth and influence. Inconsistent or ill-considered behaviour, comments or messaging can have profound consequences for a family brand and ultimately for its financial capital. The wealthy and high profile are also vulnerable to the growing role that social media plays in all our lives. Transgressions, real or perceived, are seized on, amplified and distributed with incomprehensible and often unmanageable speed. Younger family members can put themselves, friends and relatives at risk, both reputational and potentially physical, through careless sharing of images and information.

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