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Next Gen

Family Governance and Succession is central to everything we do. As the leading International Family Office we have a duty to set the benchmark for excellence in this area. As a group with a strong Trustee heritage and a significant Trust business, we have a very real fiduciary responsibility. Just as importantly as a broader Family Office and Investment Management business, it is imperative that we de-risk our clients’ intergenerational handover by focusing on Governance and Succession.

What do we mean by Family Governance and Succession? This goes way beyond the traditional estate and tax planning. It is the process through which families articulate their Purpose, their Vision and their Values (PVV). It is the creation of a framework, with communication at its core, which enables consistent, good decision making on issues from Family Business to Family. It is shaped by, and shapes, all Four Pillars of Capital.

Our broad experience of working with families from around the world has reinforced our passionately held belief that successful intergenerational strategies must recognise all Four Pillars of Capital: Social, Intellectual, Cultural and Financial.

We work closely with the Next Generation to ensure that they too appreciate the Four Pillars of Capital, and encourage open conversations so they can share concerns and aspirations, build their networks and gain a broader perspective.

Educating the Next Gen

We understand that one of our primary responsibilities is to help equip future generations with the skills, experience and perspective to manage their responsibilities as well as the challenges and opportunities they will face.

Additionally we appreciate that each generation may require support in communicating their concerns and aspirations as they wrestle with the responsibilities associated with being custodians of wealth.

We offer a variety of opportunities to our clients as demonstrated below which not only strengthen our relationship with them, but also offers the opportunity to develop new relationships within the family.

Next Gen courses

Our engagement with the Next Gen is calibrated to the specific challenges they will face at various stages of their lives and in the process of inheritance. Whether we provide training, experience and peer group discussion alone or in conjunction with professional partner firms, feedback from participants and often their parents evidences the tangible benefits that accrue.

“I learned a lot about the business world, the family business world and most unexpectedly about myself. Each lesson was well organised and interesting”

“Thanks so much to you and your team for organising such a stimulating and motivating programme. It has certainly provoked much thought and already created much debate. Absolutely brilliant!”

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