At Stonehage Fleming, we place real emphasis on the education and development of the ‘next generation’

We are living in a world of noisy uncertainty. There is no escaping the tidal wave of noise. Every media outlet and social media platform is bombarding us with “stuff”. Whether it is the ongoing impact of Covid, the appalling events in Ukraine, the Global environmental crisis, the unfolding economic challenges faced by so many or the lack of confidence in those institutions we have traditionally turned to for guidance, it is worth taking a moment to consider the importance of Purpose and Leadership in this changing world. .

Our Four Pillars of Capital research has highlighted the crucial roles that the Next Gen are playing in supporting and leading their communities and families as they address those challenges, identify risks and consider opportunities.

Our significant experience of working with successful families from around the world has enabled us to create a programme, which both challenges and enlightens young people. The aim of the programme is to introduce delegates to the world of leadership, family dynamics and communication as well as risk, finance, business and personal development in an informal and stimulating environment. Through a series of interactive sessions including both group and individual tasks, we aim to open their eyes to the challenges, opportunities and responsibilities ahead and perhaps even the roles they can play in creating solutions.

The varied programme is led by Matthew Fleming and a team of Stonehage Fleming executives, with contributions by external experts and entrepreneurs.



Matthew Fleming

Partner - Head of Family Governance & Succession
t.+44 20 7087 0000
e.Matthew Fleming

Date: 26 - 30 June 2023

Time: 08:45 - 18:00

Stonehage Fleming Offices, London,